Boris Putterman (1938-2018)

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In each of my images it is my intention to evoke timeless issues of a human being’s relation to the world. I depict situations and objects as visual metaphors and symbols for various states of action, thought and feeling. Irony and displacement are means that I have used in my paintings and drawings to dislodge the viewer from a complacent idea of the way we think about ordinary objects and places.

I have been concerned with making each image convey and express “messages”. I have sought to maintain a link with perennial themes, and the deep pictorial past, especially with the art of the medieval era. I have been most influenced by the directness, passion, and pictorial simplicity of artists such as Giotto, Duccio, and Giovanni Di Paolo. I have also been influenced in similar ways by the paintings of modern masters such as Pablo Picasso, Max Beckman and the late works of Philip Guston.

I believe that my images are most effective when the particular content engenders a variety of possible interpretations. I want to create a contemplative aura in my works to lead the viewer to think about the subject matter.